About FreeFlow Research


FreeFlow Research’s purpose is to build a network of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs engaged in basic and/or applied scientific research in the areas of cloud computing, software and technology development, mobile application development, biotech, clean water and energy technology, and other STEAM sectors.                                                                                                


FreeFlow Research will sponsor and host research projects, research grants, and provide funding for independent scientists working at its facilities. FreeFlow Research will provide internship and apprenticeship opportunities by pairing students and recent graduates of US universities with scientists, researchers, and research projects at FreeFlow Research. The research conducted by FreeFlow Research’s researchers and scientists is for the benefit of the innovation economy of the United States and STEAM-related industries. 

By attracting and supporting STEAM talent, FreeFlow Research will help create a community filled with talent, leading to scientific discoveries, entrepreneurship, new venture creation, and greater resources and opportunities for the region, and the country.

FreeFlow Research is dedicated to creating opportunities for inventors, scientists, students, and entrepreneurs who are committed to improving the innovation economy of the United States. We strongly believe that immigrant entrepreneurs and STEAM grads are job makers, not job takers. By attracting and anchoring international entrepreneurs and STEAM talent FreeFlow Research will contribute to the expansion of the innovation economy of the United States. 

FreeFlow Research is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.  



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